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Load Bank Services

Load Bank Rental

"Rent-a-Load Bank" Easy as Ever! For temporary load bank needs, purchasing is not the only way. For when you need it, we are there for urgent load bank needs thanks to our "Rental Load Bank Fleet" with large range of products.  Our company has been providing rental services within our country and in numerous countries around the world in order to prevent large costs for short-term use of especially large capacity load banks such as device function tests, type tests and acceptance tests. Devices in our rental fleet can be modified based on customer needs. This way, different Rental Load Banks that can fit different needs for different projects such as different voltages, number of stages or minimum power resolution values.

Our Rental Load Bank Fleet can provide :

  • Power Capacity ranging from 1kW to 100MW 
  • 28V DC, AC 380V-690V-11kV-36kV different input voltage options
  • Rack mount, Indoor, Outdoor and Container Type Cabin options for all  needs.

Our devices are designed to endure rough field conditions and are meant to work for long years without a problem


Technical Service

Technical service for you, all around the world! All you need to do is call us for Installation, commissioning, on-site support, remote support, decommissioning, maintenance and repair. "365 Days / 24 Hours Service" with expert personnel and high quality spare parts and equipments.


Testing Services

Our company provides turn-key testing services with its wide range of products and expert personnel. The competent personnel and high quality equipment pool can provide fast solutions in all projects. "Contact Us" for all needs such as Logistics, Installation, Cable and Accessory Supply, Reporting Services, performance and acceptance tests.


Engineering & Design

We provide special engineering and design services in fields such as Defense Industry, Aviation, Power Plants and Ship Building. "LOADRON is your closest partner" with its expert personnel and advanced R&D infrastructure in complex and specialized projects. Contact Us for Custom design needs!